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Ages we serve

Diverse Learning Environments



Our Infant Program is designed to meet the individual needs and scheduling of infants from six weeks
to 18 months. Teachers develop a relationship with your infant, helping your baby to feel safe and
loved. This relationship creates confidence in your child so that he or she will be ready and excited to
learn new skills while in our care. At the same time, teachers establish positive and open
communication with the parents to exchange the progress of the babies using the ProCare app.



Our Pre-Toddler program is designed to provide each child with a safe and nurturing environment that
will stimulate learning. Teachers actively chart the development of each child and provide parents
with daily communication regarding their child’s personal care routine using verbal comments and
information displayed in the ProCare app.



With toddlers, teachers actively work towards potty-training each child. In an effort to prepare
the children for a formal education setting, children are introduced to the concept of center play.
Furthermore, the curriculum provides a strong vocabulary enriched base so that literary skills may be
introduced to children.

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